Feeling Squirrely

It’s wintertime here in the land of ice and snow in Wisconsin’s frozen tundra, yet–somehow, I’m warm and filled up inside my heart, mind and spirit with so much love, gratitude, creativity, a new story line,  thoughts, unfinished writings, songs half done, dishes in the sink, sage burning out, a partially woven double wall basket, dirty laundry in my office here where I write and market and create!! (and, do a lot of laughing at myself!) oops, my banana peel just missed the wastebasket againnnnnnnnn!

Being a procrastinator who suffers like ALL good procrastinators do with A.D.D. and, add to that the lack of estrogen that this Native Crone would love to steal from one of my younger friends?? hmm… Gayla? Skeeter?
Wait a minute–“ohhh goodie…there goes a squirrel–LOOK AT HIM!!'” Right outside my office window he’s leaping from tree to tree to the ground back to the tree! An A.D.D Squirrel?? Yikes!!

Just let me get back to the creative process;  my flute is calling to me to keep focused!

What? Me? Stay focused?

Oh, yeah–right–there goes that damn squirrel again! bawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Let the fun begin.