Debra's CD "Tales from the Lodge" was a 2008 NAMMY's
(Native American Music Awards) nominee in the Spoken Word category!
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Have you ever wondered where stars and rainbows came from, or how Turtle cracked his shell?

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Many moons ago, Indian children were taught by the "Old Ones" to see life in relationship to all things, including animals. Storytelling was used to teach the "Two-Leggeds" how to live in balance and harmony with each other — and the Natural world around them.

Within most Native American cultures, there are teachings that everything is interconnected. Hopefully, while visiting my online Story Lodge, you will find many different things of interest regarding the Native culture.

I've included lots of links, resources, and bits of information here, because I really wanted to make my website more than just about me. I wanted to provide YOU — my visitors — with an "information clearinghouse" on Native topics/issues.

Debra Morningstar

My goal is to offer up-to-date, culturally accurate resources to all who visit my site, and it's my hope that these same visitors will return often, once they discover that my site is chock-full of quality information about Native American culture.

I hope you enjoy the "journey."

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~ Debra Morningstar

Debra telling stories at Monona Public Library during the 2008 Wisconsin Book Festival
Debra tells stories at Monona Public Library during the 2008 Wisconsin Book Festival
An enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin - Turtle Clan, Debra joyfully tells the traditional Native stories of The First People of "Turtle Island!" (North America) — the "ancient" stories and songs that have proven to be wonderful "teachers" throughout her "Earth Walk" thusfar.

She is available for schools, residencies, festivals, keynotes, workshops, libraries, museums, retreats, ... and more!

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